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What to do in the event of an accident:

Stay Calm

Check yourself for injuries if you are ok check that no one else is injured. If anyone is injured ensure they are comfortable and call the emergency services. Do not attempt to move them as this may cause further injury.

If no one is injured there’s no need to involve the Police.

Look for witnesses. If witnesses are present simply ask them for their name, address and telephone number; an independent witness can be very helpful should there be complications with liability later.

Record details of the accident scene and vehicle damage.

If you have a camera take a series of pictures of the location including any traffic lights or obstructions and pictures of the damage to vehicles involved. If you don’t have a camera phone write down as much detail as you can and sketch the location and damages, this will prove to be very helpful when filling out your claim form. Once details have been sketched and recorded if no one is injured and if safe to do so move the cars to the side of the road.

Exchange contact and insurance details. Ensure that you record details of all parties involved including:
– Name
– Address
– Telephone number
– Insurance details
– Driving license number (if possible)

Exchange vehicle details including:
– Make
– Model
– Registration number

If the person involved in the accident is not the owner of the vehicle be sure to record owner’s details too.